Masuro Emoto Water experiments

The power of the spoken word

“Thank you”

Hi All,

I am a little late getting started this year.  I started January with a ton of things on my plate, including taking my Hashimoto’s Institute Practitioner Exam.

Everywhere I look, courses are starting, plans are being made, free webinars are being offered.  Everyone is tumbling over themselves in a scramble to get a piece of you.

Overwhelm?  Yes, if you are not careful.

This blog today is not going to be about planning out your next year, making resolutions, trying to get rich quick or starting an exercise regime.  Today’s blog is about Dr Masuro Emoto and his water experiments.  Remember him?

He was the scientist from Japan, who taught us that the structure of water can be changed through the power of the spoken word, through prayer.

Marcel Vogel, the crystal expert could see how this applies to the human form:

“A physical body is and has its essential form in the bony structure. An energy analog exists around the body maintaining the balance and total functioning of the physical form.

        This energy field exists as a systematic array of oscillating points of energy which have a layered structure and a definite symmetry. These statements all embody a definition of a normal crystal in material form.”

Many religions around the world today place their utmost faith in the spoken word.

So my point today is to put these three concepts together.

  • The crystalline structure of water can be changed
  • Our bodies are a crystalline matrix and we are composed of around 70% water
  • The power of the spoken word is potent.

So go out this year with joy in your heart, but sing it!  Say thank you often.  Count your blessings out loud.  Understand that when beauty comes from your lips, it will make it’s way into your heart, body and mind.

With that

Be careful what you wish for!

Much love

Gemma x