Technical Blip, No Grapes and Bluetooth Technology

So sorry not to post today, my communication lines were cut again.  I was meant to be explaining my Moro sour dough starter.  I am afraid that I have fallen over the ‘seasonal’ hurdle immediately.  I have looked for organic red grapes and there are none to be had.  As soon as I lay my hands on them I will bring you up to speed.

In the meantime I have been researching Bluetooth technology.  I have not allowed my eldest daughter to have a mobile phone.  She probably is the only one in her school without one but I stand firm.  I have seen the thermal imaging results of mobile phone use on the brain and watched the u-tube clips of brain surgeons telling us that they do not let their children have them.  They also point out the noticeable increase in brain tumours around the ear area (where the phones are held).  Anyway this is old news now and most people have a view.  To see more on this watch the following:

In addition to this and for similar reasons we do not have WiFi in the house.  Everything is run through cables and our phone is a corded one.

It is blue tooth that my husband has come up with, for my daughter to make use of a messaging app on her iPod (a device that he assured me was fine and with the wifi disabled would not emit nor receive), to keep in touch with her friends on.

I acknowledge that I am a dinosaur in this newfangled department, heck my friend has even threatened to contact me via carrier pigeon and I realise that equipping her with a calligraphy pen and beautiful notepaper is going to be met with derision and frustration.

I am trying not to turn her need to stay in touch with her friends into a big issue, but I feel very much ill equipped to understand and balance the dangers of these devices with the need to allow my daughter to fit in.

So blue tooth.  I searched for quite a while, most sites I visited were reassuring; that the power used is so low that it could not possibly be a problem.  I dug deeper and this is what I found on Electric Sense by Lloyd Burrel:

Conclusion on Bluetooth radiation–  are Head Sets Dangerous?

The frequency power of wireless headsets is the same as that of microwave ovens, which also operate at 2.4 GHz, though admittedly microwave ovens use much higher power levels. But the power levels themselves are not the issue its the rate of change of the EMFs, the pulsing, that causes most of the biological damage. Bluetooth radiation is dangerous.

Bluetooth headsets are also particularly dangerous because, unlike a microwave oven, they are held within centimeters of the brain and they are used in conjunction with a cell phone. So you’re getting double exposure. If you use Bluetooth in a car the effects are multiplied due to the Faraday cage effect.

So Craig, the bottom line is avoid wired headsets, avoid bluetooth radiation, prefer an airtube hands free kit but be aware of its limitations.


Back to those carrier pigeons.

Gemma x

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  1. Hi Gemma!

    It’s exciting to read your blog every morning – very informative.

    It’s true that it’s not so straight forward with devices these days and wireless, Bluetooth, etc. Most people also use them around us if we don’t.

    I was so happy for a while that our cottage’s walls are so thick that we couldn’t get wireless in the bedroom so at least at night we were protected.
    We also turn the phones on aeroplane mode at night.

    I recently purchased a Q-Link bracelet and still don’t wear it just like the necklace but got this little cute pink Q-link which one can attach to phone/ I-Pod, etc and it’s supposed to help.
    Have a look:

    P.S. They have organic black seedless grapes on Abel & Cole if it helps at all.

  2. Ramona,
    You are amazing! Thank you for your kind words. Thank you too for that feedback on the Q-link button. I shall respond more in today’s blog. But you are quite right; rather than getting worked up about those energies and the electromagnetic ‘smog’ that we can’t see, I should put more energy into ensuring protection for us all as it is almost omnipresent these days.
    Top tip on the grapes and really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
    Gemma x

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