Gemma has been a wonderful support to us, helping our son who has been battling a chronic illness.

She has given us useful advice on what foods to include and avoid to help his body have the best chance of healing.

She has shown us simple but effect ways to help his immune system get stronger with impressive results.

We are indebted to her for giving us such practical advice and showing us how, using natural remedies and good wholesome foods, we can make such dramatic improvements to his health.

Every parent should have the chance to learn more about the importance of good nutrition in helping our children’s development.  It is a vital factor in enabling our children to function successfully in our very hectic modern world!

Mum of 9 year old
Last year I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis, a debilitating autoimmune disease.

From running and cycling one month, I was unable to bend my knees or pick up a glass of water the next.

Most distressingly, the painful symptoms meant I couldn't pick up or comfort hold our infant baby. Although I was on strong steroids and other medications to mask the symptoms, I contacted Gemma to see whether she had an opinion on tackling the cause of the disease.

Following an elimination diet we were quickly able to establish that grains and nightshades exacerbated the condition and that a combination of dietary supplements greatly reduced the symptoms, compared with taking contemporary medicine alone. 8 months on I was able to tackle a coastal hike, scaling rocky escarpment.

Stephen (Australia)

Stephen, Australia
Dear Gemma.

The time has come to say a great BIG thank you for putting my life back on track .

I have to say that when we first met back in early June this year I felt that I would not make the year out.

Your timely intervention thanks to daughter in law fixing for me to see you

Has changed my life.

On my first visit to you conducted a patient history and made the suggestion that I request of my GP blood tests which they had NOT carried out.

These three tests turned out be well well below the correct levels PANIC by GP 24 hours had phone call saying MUST put you on VIT’S to cover problem .

My second visit to you I had with me a copy of all blood tests to date and at this stage you made recommendations for additional supplements to help.

My GP at this stage took me off (STATINS & Metformin both of which were a great part of my problems.

I was told by GP that it would take 5 to 6 months to recover from these medications but have to say that “THANK YOU” 4 months and am ready to

Take on the world.

GEMMA LOVE you are the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Regards and best wishes .

Mike Hird

.PS Sorry for delay in this but find it easy to say what is in my heart by voice but had to wait until hand and heart got it together

Michael Hird

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