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Hi All,

I’m sorry that I haven’t kept up the blog more regularly.  I have been juggling many balls!  One of them I am pleased to announce is my journey into journalism.  Well I won’t get ahead of myself but I have just had a article accepted for The Green Parent Magazine.  I think that it will be in the February / March issue so look out for my article on Purple Bracelets and A Complaint Free World.

I have recently taken up the morning practice of 20 minutes meditation followed by 10 rounds of sun salutations combined with a further few yoga poses specifically aimed at my umbilical hernia/stomach muscle issues from pregnancies.  I am then writing 3 pages of A4 as per ‘The Artists Way’.

Before you write me off as someone clearly ‘possessed': I am seeing a powerful transformation on many fronts: my energy, my insight and ideas and my inner peace and calm.  Need a bit of an energy shift? Then take up the winter beating challenge – get some flax oil and yoghurt down you when you eventually get to breakfast time (as per my health pages), plenty of water and then get yourself up early in the morning for this routine.  It feels very much as though you have done a day before breakfast! (but still with the energy to do another one!)

I have also been busy at a grass roots level.  When my website went down I took it as a sign to spend more time getting through my course and getting myself qualified. (although I do not think that I need a piece of paper to say that I suddenly have all of this knowledge).   So I have been giving consultations with a very gentle message of change.  The same that I give here about looking at hydration and making dietary changes before considering supplements.  However it has brought to my attention that what is needed; is a holding hands approach to making lifestyle changes.  I have a big plan in my head which I hope to bring about through this website.  I aim to write a book on nutrition with three breakdowns: An easy not too scary and certainly no sauerkraut as per my friend Vicky’s request, a more moderate but open to a few more suggestions path and a complete nutter hard core version for those who want to make changes and now!  So look out for the introduction coming soon in my health pages.  I will be presenting a bit more about how I plan to get this off the ground and how I will format it.  Then I will be looking closely at oils and water again and ways of getting flax oil down you and your little ones! Then a whole ‘diet’ chapter with loads of recipes and plenty of ideas that you may not have tried before.  This will have a very carbs focused intent to begin with, as I have made huge inroads in my understanding into how I feel we misuse this part of the food pyramid and ways that we can better digest them (something that I feel is responsible for many issues that we face today).  I also aim to make some menu plans.  Yes this is going to be big so bear with me as I have other things in the offing too.  I hope that it will grow month by month into something very usable.  Finally a look at supplements.

I am not sure yet but maybe I will keep it separate under another heading ‘The Book’ until I come up with an amazing catchy new title that hasn’t been used before!

Over and out x

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