“The quantam field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being”. Dr. Joe Dispenza

 Vibrate at the frequency of health,wealth and happiness.


These words have been sitting on my desk after I wrote them down some time ago.

Today they came back to me strongly.  The idea that we can keep asking for things and praying for them to happen, but what works most effectively is to create your image in your head, hold your dream and craft it into your very being.

If you want to increase your wealth you must first act wealthy, be rich, act with abundance and gratitude for all that you have in this lifetime.  Give thanks for the rich rewards that you dream of as if you already possess them.

It kind of suggests a “Fake it until you make it attitude”. and when I think of this kind of acting out I am always drawn back to re-read the work of Florence Scovel Shinn:

All things whatsoever ye ask for in prayer, believing, ye shall receive…  You must act as if you had already received” Florence Scovel Shinn

So hold your head high, put fresh sheets on the bed, soak in an exotic fragrance, don your best frock  and pay money out happily and generously, because you young woman are in the money! x

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