The Six Week Store Cupboard Challenge

Day 32

Item to be used up:  El Paso Enchilada Spice Mix, Refried Beans

This is one of those random packets that I hope i am not alone in finding in my cupboard.  Who knows how it got there, or even how long it has sat, opened in there for.  Given the issues surrounding heavy metals in spices I am unsure as to whether I should even be using this suspect package.  I say bah let’s give it a go, in the name of Chimichangas, whatever they may be.
Cookbook:  This is out of a packet.  No messing.  Give me a break I am just back off holiday, with a mountain of washing and in it, somewhere, my camera charger.
While I am clearly off the wholefoods beaten track I will also confess to using Quorn.  A product that was my staple for years.  I now prefer to use just vegetables or mushrooms.  However, while dodgy packets abound, in for a penny, in for a pound.
Recipe:  Burritos, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Chimichangas, Tortilla wraps.
Having joked that we will be having the conversation about which form of Mexican dish we are currently eating, aren’t they all the same thing?  My brother went on to explain the nuances of each of these dishes in great detail, down to the crispy cheese topping on top of whichever that one was.  Honestly one day later and it’s gone again from my head.
  • Wholewheat Tortilla Wraps
  • Brown Rice
  • Tin of re-fried beans
  • Packet of Old El Paso Spice mix, or much better your own perfect blend of chilli, paprika and other powders (organic of course)
  • Quorn mince or mushrooms
  • 2 onions
  • Tin of tomatoes
  • Tin of kidney beans
  • Peppers, thinly sliced
  • Sour cream if you wish
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese, grated (if you must)

My brother also kindly donated a jar of salsa, which I sniffily refused, he then left behind half eaten and I now have to come up with another recipe for.

  1. Cook the rice for 40 mins
  2. chop the onion and fry for 5-10 mins in some water, add the quorn, spice mix, kidney beans and tomatoes and heat through
  3. heat the re-fried beans in a saucepan
  4. warm your wrap in a large frying pan
  5. layer the wrap with strips of quorn mixture, re-fried beans, lettuce leaves, sour cream and peppers.
  6. Add the rice to the strips, or eat it alongside the wrap.  Of course you can leave the wrap out completely and opt for the less challenging just rice option.

Honestly tastes better than it looks.

I really like serving this kind of dish when there are plenty of people diving in.  It feels great having loads of different pans and dishes, pots and sauces lying around the table and everybody helping themselves.

I also think that it is a great way of cutting down how much meat is eaten at a meal.  I am vegetarian and so my recipes here are just so.  However I also cooked a chicken version and managed to spread one chicken breast between 3 meat eaters.  Such is the beauty of tins of re-fried beans, brown rice, peppers and salad.

Having been happy snappy with the camera, taking holiday pics of the children frolicking, I have to say that these were the last of the photographs that I eked out of the camera.  Technical difficulties are clearly going to be the theme this week, so bear with me for tomorrow’s making Tempeh recipe, which should it seems be full of photographs.


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