The Six Week Store Cupboard Challenge

Day 6

Item to be used up: Date Paste, Bee Pollen, Lecithin Granules, Carob Pods


Carob Pods are also on my list.  We collected these from a tree last time we were in Spain, where we lovingly dried them out on the steps in the sunshine.  Yet they have sat in a carrier bag in my store cupboard ever since.  You will see that I have done the fiddly job of removing the innermost beans.  My electric mill didn’t like them very much and in the back of my mind I recalled a pigeon-Spanish conversation with a man who said that they use those beans to make plastic.  Please, please do not think for one minute that they are…it is just my lack of Spanish and lack of knowledge that has caused me to leave them out.  Anyway for reference here are the pods and the beans:


The bee pollen is not something that I would choose to buy as a vegetarian.  My understanding is that the method of collection can rip legs off the bees…not great for instant karma.  But this jar was a gift and so I made the decision to work through it and make good use of it.  I have been putting it in my morning smoothies and that is the recipe that I bring today.

My naturopathy has taken me on a fantastic journey.  What I am realising more and more is that you have to listen to your own body in order to make sense of what really works.  I am not sure that this means that everyone will have completely different needs.  It is just that with so much controversy out there, it is really hard to find the truth.  The truth lies within.

I have to admit that fruit smoothies are a relatively new addition for me.  I have been avoiding fruit for a couple of years now, believing that the fruit sugars (as any sugar) contributes to feeding yeasts and parasites and unhinges your endocrine system.

These preconceptions ended last September when I was introduced to the 80:10:10 diet.  I have reservations about this tropical fruit laden, all raw diet that might work perfectly well in the warm jungles of Central America.  Heading through a cold, dark English winter seems to beckon soups and broths to me.  Yet there is truth I believe, to be found in his writing.  He suggests that a jar of marbles, when coated with oil will collect the oil at the bottom of the jar.  Yet all the marbles will remain coated.  He talks of our cells in a similar fashion, that our constant overuse of fats, yes even as vegan or vegetarians is rendering our cells less efficient, with our nutrients struggling to penetrate the gloopy, coated membrane.

So no fats or oils.  That is his message.  My Guru, Barbara Wren has tried it and said that it gave her more ‘Gi gi’.  She also went on to explain that as above, so below, when she cleaned her liver (fat free), she went on to clean her entire home, from top to bottom…not a corner, nor cupboard was left untouched.

In addition her husband’s blood pressure returned to normal after only thee days.

My take on this new diet was to re-introduce fruits in the morning, benefiting from their alkalising properties.  Then to add a juice before lunch and then go as fat free as I feel I can during the winter, but not get too hung up on it.

So this is the form that my smoothie has taken most mornings:


Cook book: None
Recipe: Banana, date and carob smoothie with frozen fruits.

  • 4-10 bananas
  • 2-3 sticks celery
  • frozen fruits (of course fresh would be even better…I will not have my soft fruit shipped from South America at this time of year, so I am using frozen British fruit)
  • Date paste
  • 1 tsp Bee pollen
  • Carob powder
  • 1 tbs lecithin granules – I am using this up but you can consider using a raw egg
  • hot water – I really believe that drinks should be body temperature, the lecithin may really thicken your smoothie, so water can keep it the right consistency (well at least let you get it out of the food mixer)
  • I also add some flax oil and some evening primrose oil after the whizzing has taken place, again I am using that up as I see that it might be too concentrated in its fat content…I will move to the ground whole seeds when I have done so.
  1. Put everything in the food mixer and whizz together, making up the desired consistency with the warm water.
  2. Add flax oil gently if using, otherwise some ground seeds.


For the final power boost, you can energise your drink, however you wish.


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