The Six Week Store Cupboard Challenge

Six Weeks of Larder Recipes

I wrote in a an earlier blog that I have been inspired to start looking at the Wealth pages of my site, motivated by one advisor to get up earlier in the morning, every morning to fit in the time to do that.

I have been diligent, not exactly leaping from my bed but getting myself in front of the computer to do my research all the same.  So what happens when your phone line gets cut and you computer is down for a day or two?

Well you diversify and that is exactly how I found myself looking at this challenge.  Without being able to save or invest on-line, I decided to look around at some cash that I could release around the home.  I have an added incentive, as we are about to lose the kitchen though an extension and for weeks or months I will be in a temporary space.  The long and the short of it is that I must chuck out, store or use all those packets, tins, jars and supplements that I have in my cupboard space.

I believe that I have more random ingredients than most, due to my interest in all things healthy.  I am not sure how many people will have a packet of Tempeh starter culture lurking in the back recesses of their cupboards.  But because of this I feel that I am in a good position to find uses for many things that might be in any cupboard.

Anyway I decided to set myself this six week challenge – to empty my cupboards in an interesting way.  Each item must be used in a great recipe.  I have loads of great cookbooks and so I am going to pilfer them for ideas and come up with some fabulous ways to turn those dusty packets into reasons for not going out to dinner and spending more money.

The rules that I have set for myself:

  • At least 1 new recipe per day.
  • The recipe must use at least 1 store cupboard stock item in it.
  • I will take photos along the way. (This is my biggest challenge, as a complete download phobe I have largely avoided bringing colour to my site.  This is about to change!).
  • I have 6 weeks or less to complete the challenge.

You will find among others, vegetarian recipes for using up:

  • preserved lemons
  • mung beans
  • rice syrup
  • coconut milk
  • honey and mustard dressing
  • chestnut flour
  • tinned mangosteens
  • Indian chutney
  • flax seeds
  • cannelini beans
  • mirin
  • molasses sugar
  • glace cherries
  • evaporated milk
  • lucuma powder
  • lime pickle
  • alphabet pasta
  • raw cacao powder
  • sunflower seeds
  • black turtle beans
  • food colouring
  • tinned rambutans
  • mustard
  • hazlenuts
  • preserved sundried tomatoes
  • pasta flour
  • semolina
  • soy beans and a tempeh starter kit
  • golden syrup
  • date paste
  • chickpea flour
  • lecithin granules
  • jam
  • jar of molasses
  • artichoke hearts



So I will kick off with a bit of an epic (for very little store cupboard use as you will see, but to demonstrate my eagerness to be creative).


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