There are no mistakes

The Autoimmune disease series

Today I want to address the fear that lies inside you when you are tackling one of these diseases.  The feeling of failure or the  fear of it is something that can cause us not to listen to our inner voice.
There is so much knowledge and information out there that coming to understand your own truth can be bewildering.  You can become paralysed by the worry around taking a step forwards or doing something that might prove to be wrong.
However, when you are in that giddy or frozen state,  you can end up simply doing nothing at all.  You might even find that instead you start spiraling downwards, out of control of your pain, your feelings, losing your centre.
The simple knowing that all paths lead us back to our same supreme destiny may be all it takes to give you the courage to set forth on your journey of self discovery.
This disease that you have, look deep within to solve it and know that the truth lies within you.  Listen to your instinct.
My words this week have been inspired by Oprah.

I am afraid that I couldn’t embed the video this time round, the technology defied me!  But click on the green ‘Thursday’ link and you’ll get to listen to Oprah’s perfect words:

“There are no mistakes.” -Oprah

Posted by For Harriet on Thursday, 4 December 2014

Watch the complete interview here: (this is the much longer version)

“Relax It’s Going to be OK”.  Oprah Winfrey

Have a great week.

Gemma x

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