Vaccinations, Whooping cough and the Fabulous Castor Oil

Having recently decided that my three year old had whooping cough, I proceeded to castor oil pack her liver and chest at lunch time and then again that evening.  I kept her off dairy and lightened her intake of fats and oils and then repeated this a few days later, but by this time nothing of the whoop remained and little of the cough was there too.  It has been an amazing recovery.

Having watched my three other children spend the customary 6 weeks with the disease I am now doubting myself.  Did the unmistakable ‘whoop’ that I heard on several of her severe coughing fits mean for certain that she had the disease?  I am sure that they didn’t call it ‘whooping cough’ for nothing.

The castor oil is surely liquid gold…I have had so much success with this unassuming bottle in other situations that I don’t know why I am not letting it claim to help cure whooping cough…at least in this case.

For more information on Castor Oil Packing, have a look on my website.

Anyway with all of this resurgence on whooping cough right now I thought that I’d introduce a link that seems to comprehensively include everything that I would agree with on the subject of vaccinations:

You may need to cut and paste.

Needless to say I refused my doctors offer of a preventative vaccine or the antibiotics to help with the cough.

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