Welcome to the Vernal Equinox 2013 – Spring Begins Today

Welcome to change!

First I would like to apologise for posting yesterday that the equinox was Thursday.   I nearly missed it!  It is today at 11.02am. The time given is down to the moment that the sun crosses the celestial equator.

During the winter we see a time of closing down, energy conservation, hibernation and contraction. At the time of the equinox we see a  reversal of the energy. The energy shifts to become that of growth, new birth and expansiveness.  We wake up, shake up and find the energy from somewhere to spring clean our houses and our bodies (well that is the idea anyway).

This great time of change is very powerful energetically and we can observe that the equinox offers a time of movement and shift.  We can harness this energy to increase our own potential.  We can cleanse and lighten our toxic load, move out the fats and heaviness that we have allowed to settle during the winter and we can stir ourselves once more into vibrant activity.

So we can fast and meditate and allow ourselves to gently awaken into this new time.  If we do not support our bodies at this time, we may well see our bodies take it into their own hands.  The equinoxes tend to bring out the gunk, with vomiting ‘bugs’, colds, rashes and ear infections.  Any orifice will do as the body responds to the energetic change that the equinox offers.  See it as a clear out.

For me it means that I will be drinking only three green smoothies today and taking no other food, but some warm water with fresh lemon.  For you it certainly need not be hard core.  This is not about pushing your body, but supporting it.

Last night I did an enema in order to support my liver at this time of enormous shifting.  I have also done castor oil packing to my liver (the night before).  There is more information about these techniques in my techniques section in my health pages.

I have also been reading Headspace, I book recommended by my brother in law (thanks).
Which is a guide to meditation and mindfulness in a busy world.

Another idea for the equinox is Space Clearing which is a ceremony that will bring a beautiful energy into your home.  You can find details of this in my Happiness pages.

I keep harking back to the words of Barbara Wren; as she described how her life now has more ‘gigi’ since going fat free and that she has simultaneously sorted through her entire house, not a corner or section of it untouched.  The sense of what we do to our bodies will manifest in every part of our lives.  Lightening the toxic load within our bodies will bring the same shift to our houses and our relationships.

I shall, on that note, love you and leave you.

Happy Vernal Equinoxing!

Gemma x


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