Why are we being fed by a poison expert?

The Autoimmune Disease Series

“The link between the sick soil and sick human beings is painfully obvious’.  Dr Max Gerson.

This short film is just so important that I had to feature it this week.

So this week, I have gone with this inspiration and we look at why organic produce is so important when you have an autoimmune disease.

Let us first of all look at what has got us in this agrochemical mess in the first place.

If we head back to the industrialisation of farming and agriculture, we can see that compared to a manual labour farm, the demands placed on the soil to provide more and more plants per acre would have caused depletion in the vitamins and minerals available in the soil.  These intensive farming methods also disrupted the balance of soil microorganisms, so important to the vitality of the plants growing on them.  Over time this depletion had disastrous effects not only on the plants grown there but also the health of those eating them.

Dr  Beres, a Hungarian scientist made this connection after he studied potato crops, looking for reasons why they were becoming less and less viable.  In his later studies he made the connection with the micro nutrient depletion and the upsurge of Cancer internationally.

As a result he developed his own formula of life containing micro and macro nutrients which he says has saved many lives and cured many diseases including  poor digestion, fatigue,  headaches, anaemia, all endocrine (hormonal) disorders,   bronchitis, diabetes, allergy, hypertension,  epilepsy, arthritis (both types), hemorrhoids and multiple sclerosis.   Although MS is not cured by this treatment, symptoms are significantly improved.   But that is another story.

As the health and vitality of the crops declined due to the diminishing nutrients in the soil, they became more susceptible to attacks, from moulds, viruses, pests and diseases.

The response, rather than supplement the soil was to manufacture a huge business out of selling pesticides and weed killers to the farmers.  As weeds and bugs became more resilient, the deadly agrochemicals increased in strength and toxicity.

These killers long ago penetrated our water tables and soil.  They are often used to the point of harvest and so unless we eat organic produce we are eating a daily cocktail of toxins.  Monsanto has now laced its own Genetically modified seeds with its killer product Roundup, so that the toxins are systemic in the crop that is produced.  This means that no amount of washing or peeling is going to eliminate these toxins.

A Swedish study by  Hardell L and Eriksson M, has already linked Roundup with Non-Hodgkin’s Leukemia.

If you have an autoimmune disease, your body is already telling you that it is struggling.

Eating organic produce is one way to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins that can sabotage your body.

Want some inspiration? Look at what is phenomenally possible when you grow your own.

“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the Light.”   Sandra King.


Gemma x

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