“You are only as happy as your unhappiest child”

Exeter street hall 12

This is my personal experience.  When your child is low, you too are down, struggling for answers, looking for bits of the jigsaw, desperately trying to make it alright.

The fact is that it often isn’t alright.

Violence, depression, insomnia and self harm are now familiar to so many families.

I spend my time as a nutritionist finding ways for my clients to reduce their stress.  However often what they are most anxious about is their children.  They are struggling too with the fact that there seems to be no way out of what can seem like a downward cycle.

So I have decided to share my knowledge on this subject.  I am going to give a talk on Thursday 30th March at Exeter Street Hall, Brighton.

My main aim for this talk is to acknowledge the fact that right now so many families are struggling on so many levels with children and teenagers and to propose a road map forward.

I see that currently are children are facing:

  • poor self esteem
  • low concentration
  • behaviour issues
  • insomnia
  • lack of communication

Please call me and let me know what key issues you are facing with your child and discuss whether this talk will be appropriate for you.

Tel: Gemma: 01273 555644

In this talk I will look primarily at several quick wins . But I will also be looking at why there might be more work needed and why a consistent approach is so necessary.

I want to open your minds to looking at different strategies for dealing with behaviour.  I want you to leave the talk fired up with ideas to try.

Most of all I am looking to offer options, where it can, quite frankly feel like there are none.

Please do spread the word to those around you that you feel might benefit from my talk.  I’d love to build a  network that can support and help its children and those that love them through these, sometimes turbulent times.

In case you can’t read the poster;

Thursday 30th March


Exeter Street Hall

Call me: 01273 555644 to reserve your seat

Gemma xx



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